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welcoming the world to ireland for nearly 50 years

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We are one of the dynamic and advance travel and tourism agency based in Baghdad andregistered at Ministry of Trade, Iraq since 1993. On this 21 years of journey, we earned an excellentworking background with highly skilled working force. We are theofficial Sponsor and certifiedtravel partner of Iraqi National Football Team, Iraqi National Football Association, Iraqi OlympicCommittee and Iraqi National Paralympic Committee.

We built an exceptional working background by arranging regular VIP tourist group andcorporate groups to different European countries regularly. We have mutual relationship withmost of the foreign embassy working in Baghdad and their trust for our high profile tourist groupsand professional group handling. Our intention to develop the communication of Iraq to theworld and create an excellent position of Iraqi Tourism Field. Our focus to link up the Iraqi Businessworld and create an excellent position of Iraqi Tourism Field. Our focus to link up the Iraqi BusinessCommunity to the world and make them work together that both sides get benefits for theircountries. From 2007 wearranged 4 international conference between Iraqi Chamber ofCommerce, Czech Republic Chamber of Commerce and Slovak Republic Chamber of Commercewith the cooperation of the Iraqi Embassies in both countries and the local businessmen unions. More than 150companies got direct benefits and their business relations promote benefits notonly to Iraq, to Czech Republic and Slovak Republic also.

We covered all the travel and tourism fields to provide our clients the top class services as theirdemand and our highly skilled working forcehandle all kinds of booking operations within a shortduration. We have a remarkable sales to the local individual customers and also have high profilecorporate clients who have leading position on their service fields. We workwith HUWAEI-international Chinese electric brand, HUNDAI - Korea, HUNWHA Engineering & Construction - Korea, MEDATA - China and the famous international pharmaceuticals brands like Pharma RothGmbH, Bio Tech GmbH, Novartice Vaccines & Diagnostics GmbH, LG Medical Life - Korea, KRKA DD - Slovenia, American Medic Service (AMS) and many more. We are also the regular and trusted travel partner of differentIraqi Ministries, Governorate offices and Chamber of commerce's.

Behind of every smooth booking operation, we have our own highlyskilled and professionalemployees, and the professional suppliers. We have very good relationships with most of theInternational and domestic airlines, most of the famous hotel chains and a good amount ofground handler partner agent in most of the country around the world. We have strict businesspolicy, excellent management and friendly environment with team spirit that made focus us toserve each of our clients and develop the business with innovative ideas.

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